Hey Friends of Casa de Los Angeles,

Hope all is well. Here are some firmer details for the super easy, super fun, one-day orphanage build trip.
We’re going to go down to Rosarito for the day on Saturday, June 29th and do some work to move this project along. Specifically, we are going to be jack-hammering some rock to make a walkway from the main orphanage building site to the new giant tool garage we just finished; and clearing and grading the hill in preparation for a driveway down to the coming basketball court.

Here’s the schedule we’re thinking:
7am Meet at La Jolla Pres
8am Ron Struska’s house in Rosarito, MX (there’s a possibility that some Mexican friends will meet us there)
8:30am Get to the CDLA site
12:30pm Lunch at the site
4:30/5pm stop working
5:30pm best taco’s you’ve ever had
±7pm get to the border
±9:30pm get back to La Jolla

Cost is buy your own tacos for dinner – maybe $5 and if you are able to kick in $20 for gas/insurance/van rental that would be awesome, but not a deal breaker.

It is going to be a wonderful day of fun, taco’s and Kingdom building work. I’m personally looking forward to working with you. If you’d like to invite family or friends that’s awesome, but if you could let me know who’s coming it would be super helpful with transportation.

God bless,